Our District 32 Key Issues

Putting People First

Kaled’s vision for District 32 is to enhance the quality of life in our community, continually ensuring that this a place where people want to live, work, and conduct business. For more than 25 years, Kaled’s parents co-owned a small business here. In addition to making their living here, this is the community where they chose to raise their children. Kaled chose to stay here and raise his children, making them the third generation of our family to call this community home.

New York City is the greatest city in the world. District 32 is just as much a part of that greatness as any other district. Our residents are highly educated, hard-working, and culturally diverse. Despite all of that, we are facing ever-widening disparities in income, and a lack of resources that we need to thrive as a community. Our residents are making do with less and are trying to meet and overcome life’s challenges while having to deal with social, economic, and environmental challenges facing the city and the nation. This community needs a strong advocate to guide it through these unpredictable times. We must consider changes that may greatly affect the amount of land we occupy; our ability to conserve open space; modes of transportation; and our need for updated and expanded infrastructure.

As a hard-working New Yorker, and a proud member of District 37 local 375, Kaled spent a great deal of time advocating for his neighbors while working on major projects such as the Jamaica Bay watershed protection plan, the climate change adaptation and mitigation plan, and while managing projects such as the restoration of the Penn and Fountain Ave Landfill, and the City Green Infrastructure and water quality initiative. The path to enhancing our community depends on the following:

  • Working on resiliency by shifting policies to prepare for the potential shocks, such as natural or technological disaster; Promoting growth while protecting valued aspects of the community
  • Coordinating land use regulation, transportation, utilities, and other government functions and services
  • Assessing previous policies, identifying errors or weaknesses, and changing direction as needed
  • Protecting property values, which for most of us, represents our largest investment
  • Creating a healthy business climate that will attract investments and sustain economic growth, and
  • Ensuring the availability of adequate and affordable housing.

Together, we will work on the partnerships and solutions required to move forward the collective and coordinated actions of many individuals and organizations over time that aspires to improve the quality of life for all.

Our campaign video!

Covid Resources for NYC Residents

The campaign team is compiling of easy guides to COVID-19 related resources for our residents. in New York.

City Council Candidate Kaled Alamarie is Committed to Investing in Small Businesses and Creating Jobs

  For Immediate Release: December 21, 2020 Contact: kaled@alamarieforcouncil.com  ALAMARIE ANNOUNCES PLAN TO ASSIST SMALL BUSINESSES  City Council Candidate Kaled Alamarie is Committed to Investing in Small Businesses and Creating Jobs  Queens, NY – Kaled Alamarie,...

Why I am running?

The time is upon us to step forward and advocate for ourselves. Allow me to use my knowledge of city government, work-experience, and deep community roots to represent you in the New York City Council. I will maintain a highly visible, strong presence, ensuring that District 32’s needs are continually met in every measure, big or small. I promise to put the people of our district first.

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