My fellow New Yorkers in District 32,


I am running for New York City Council because I recognize that there is a need for new leadership that has developed from within our community. Career politicians that have enjoyed decades of political appointments lack the drive and vested interest in our District 32 to make the kind of impact that you deserve. With 20 years of experience in public service, I have not only worked on plans and projects for the community but have been a member of this community for more than 36 years. The time has come for me to serve the community that I have called home by ensuring that our needs are a priority, not an afterthought. You deserve equity, stability, and progress, and as the voice of this community, I will hold City Hall accountable and deliver tangible results.

The time is upon us to step forward and advocate for ourselves. Allow me to use my knowledge of city government, work-experience, and deep community roots to represent you in the New York City Council.  I will maintain a highly visible, strong presence, ensuring that District 32’s needs are continually met in every measure, big or small. I promise to put the people of our district first.

My promise to you is to continue to be your advocate for in every corner in our district Belle Harbor, Breezy point, Broad channel, Howard Beach, Neponist, Ozone Park, Richmond Hill and Woodhaven

  • Kaled Alamarie

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