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A fresh voice for NYC City Council

New and bold leadership is needed at our city hall. Son of immigrants and a product of NYC public education, Kaled Alamarie is ready to serve his constituents at City Hall. With 20 years of experience in public service, Kaled has not only worked on plans and projects for his New York City community but has been an active member of this community for more than 36 years. The time has come for district 32 of New Yorkers to deserve real public servants like Kaled who will put their needs as their priority.  Rest assured, Kaled will hold City Hall accountable and deliver tangible results. Kaled’s campaign is all about us. We hope that you can join the movement.

Kaled’s Priorities for District 32, Queens NYC

Putting People first

New York City is the greatest city in the world. District 32 is just as much a part of that greatness as any other district. Kaled's vision for District 32 is to enhance the quality of life in our community, continually ensuring that this a place where people want to live, work, and conduct business. 

Education Reform

Every child deserves to receive a first-class education. Kaled understands the issues facing our struggling education system. As a father and a community advocate, Kaled understands that our district is in dire need of efficient and equitable resources.

Housing and affordability

The District also lacks affordable energy-efficient housing, which impacts both the environment and housing sustainability. Kaled will be fighting for inclusionary zoning policies and upholding energy efficiency standards which will yield affordable units, and promote a greater range of housing type.

Community Policing

Our community’s residents deserve to feel just as safe as anyone living in the wealthiest parts of our city. Kaled will work to enhance the quality of life by ensuring that our police department is preserving the peace, protecting the people, reducing fear, maintaining order, all while treating each and every one of us with respect. 

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The Bold Leadership Our City Needs Right Now

About Kaled

A tireless, experienced advocate for all in Belle Harbor, Breezy point, Broad channel, Howard Beach, Neponist, Ozone Park, Richmond Hill and Woodhaven

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News & Updates

New York City’s Green New Deal

New York City’s Green New Deal

In April 2019, Mayor de Blasio announced New York City’s Green New Deal, an ambitious $14 billion plan to attack global warming. In combination with actions taken prior to this administration, New York City will reach a total emissions reduction of 40% from a 2005 baseline by 2030.



An abandoned railway that runs through Queens, this 3.5-mile stretch of rail line (former LIRR Rockaway Beach Branch) has sat decaying for nearly 60 years, where illegal drugs and dumping cause severe safety and environmental issues to nearby residents. 

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